In this issue, I highlight a legendary actress - Jamie Bernadette with the leading role  in movie "The Furnace" a story about faith, endurance and strength.  "In the challenging and unknown times we are facing today, I encourage readers to do - what has helped me in my journey with everyday challenges.   Let go of fear,  lean on faith, and trust in God to lead you through the days ahead." Cindy Rodriguez

As the creator and publisher for Faith Scene Magazine, my goal is to share and offer inspiring, uplifting articles to offset the daily challenges in life we have today.  I want to make sure there is a platform people can go to that could lift their spirits, and focus on their faith.  As I continue to publish Faith Scene Magazine, I will focus my stories around faith driven articles that are uplifting, inspiring and helpful to the reader.

About the Magazine - Faith Scene Magazine is published in 2 platforms –An Online website, and Digital E-Book. The content focus for this publication is based on Arts, Entertainment and News specific to Christian Faith.  Our spotlight sections of the magazine online and digital feature selected topics focused on "the who, what, when, and where,” specific for faith. Our readership is focused to - all men and women, and young adults that support Christian Faith.  The online website magazine is updated regularly, and is an interactive magazine that uses video, social media and, links. The digital e-magazine, is published twice a year - includes featured content, photos, and media that are unique to the digital issue.

The Digital benefits: The digital magazine can be downloaded to your media device and is very inexpensive for the reader to download. If you are in a place with no internet, this magazine can be easily read if downloaded and saved to your device. "If you’re looking for a positive read, Stay plugged into Faith Scene. Stay safe, healthy and enjoy our magazine as we continue to highlight the Who. What. When. And Where -for all things Faith." Cindy Rodriguez - FSM Publisher